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A Letter from the President

The original Baby BunkTM infant sleeper was made by my brother-in-law in 1980 when my nephew was born. In 1993, I retrieved it from my sister's basement to use it with my own son, remembering what a great idea it was. After using it with 4 of my own children and loaning it to numerous friends who encouraged me to market it, I was able to re-design it and place it on the market for others to enjoy. Side By Side Sleeping, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that will give every order, no matter how small or large, its personal attention, to assure your satisfaction and happiness!  

For moms who decide to bottle feed, the Baby BunkTM infant sleeper lets you spend your nights together, helping to keep you closely bonded, but giving you each your own space. For nursing moms, the Baby Bunk sleeper is ideal. It will make your nights so much easier...just imagine never having to leave your bed.

Thomas (my 4th) at 5 months, with Mom in his Baby Bunk Infant Sleeper

Baby BunkTM infant sleepers are available for purchase or rental, and a variety of useful accessories are available for purchase as well. Infant sleepers can be purchased at Walmart and Target. Click here for a special discount. An economical feature about Side By Side Sleeping, Inc.'s rental service is that all but the first month's rental fee can later be applied towards a purchase.

If you have any questions about the Baby BunkTM infant sleeper, please contact me by phone/fax at 800-697-8944 or send an e-mail to Side By Side Sleeping, Inc.

Ilene DeAngelo

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