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Baby BunkTM Infant Sleeper Bench Conversion Kit

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The Baby Bunk Conversion Kit turns your infant sleeper into a beautiful bench for your child's room, at a cost of only $70.00 plus shipping and handling. It includes 4 solid wood legs with a crossbar and a wooden safety cover which will prevent the support arms from being extended.  

To convert your Baby Bunk Infant Sleeper into a bench, simply remove the adjustable legs from the Baby Bunk and replace them with the conversion kit legs (the base of your Baby Bunk already has the holes for the conversion kit). Screw on the safety cover to the front cover of your Baby Bunk and the Baby Bunk Bench is all ready to go. The Baby Bunk Bench can be used for years to come and at any time can be converted back into the Baby Bunk Infant Sleeper.



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