Side By Side Sleeping, Inc.
2032 Newcastle B
Boca Rotan, FL 33434


Last Name:  First Name:  Phone:
City:  State:  Zip:

Date Rented:

Rental Rate:   $40.00 per month

Security Deposit Of $50.00 Received On:

Monthly Payment Due On: 1st of each month upon receipt of invoice

Rental Total:
Additional Items:
Security Deposit: 50.00


This agreement for the rental of a Baby Bunk is made between Baby Bunk, Inc. and the Renter indicated above.

  1. The Baby Bunk remains the property of Side By Side Sleeping, Inc., 2032 Newcastle B, Boca Rotan, FL 33434.   The renter has no rights to the Baby Bunk except as expressed in this Agreement.
  2. Renter may purchase a mattress and/or bumper. These accessories become the property of the Renter.
  3. Renter agrees to pay the rental fees in accordance with the fee structure established above. The rental fee is due monthly in advance.
  4. Renter agrees to notify and return their Baby Bunk or extend rental on due date. If a Baby Bunk is returned after the due date, the Renter is responsible for all rental fees incurred until date of return.
  5. The rental rates do not include any applicable sales tax.
  6. Renter agrees to inform Side By Side Sleeping, Inc. of any change of address and/or phone number.
  7. Renter agrees to return their Baby Bunk in the same condition it was received. Any defects should be noted and sent in writing to Side By Side Sleeping, Inc. upon receipt of Baby Bunk. If the Baby Bunk is not in good condition upon return, the Renter agrees to pay a minimum repair fee of $25.00.
  8. The Renter shall not during the rental period allow others use of the Baby Bunk or re-let said Baby Bunk to others.
  9. This agreement shall be construed under the laws of the state where Side By Side Sleeping, Inc. is located.
  10. The Renter shall be responsible for all reasonable legal fees and other costs involved in collection of overdue amounts and/or recovery of the leased Baby Bunk.
  11. A charge of $10.00 per month will be assigned to late payments. All payments are due upon receipt of invoice and must be postmarked by due date.
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Signature of Renter




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Side By Side Sleeping, Inc.  Date